Termites are nuisance pests that can affect the structure and integrity of houses. They are also known for causing irreparable damage to buildings and wooden structures like fences. It is advisable to contact reliable pest control companies immediately when you discover these pests.


A reputable pest control firm can help you in accessing the situation, recommend, and then administer the most appropriate termite treatment. These companies provide long-term solutions, and they can help you in dealing with termite problems around and in your home. Competent termite control firms use highly rated termite treatment in Miami. Outlined here below are the recommended termite control methods that can help you in dealing with pest infestation issue.

DIY Termite Control

The main methods used to control termites include the use of termite baits and the use of liquid termite termiticides for soil and barrier treatment. Some people prefer using both options.

Termite Baits

Termite baits are placed directly into the ground, especially around the structure that you want to protect. Termites die when they feed on the bait. The baiting systems used to control these pests are constantly improving and changing due to technological advancement.

The Trelona ATBS bit system is one of the recommended systems used to eliminate and control termite infestation. It is mainly used in areas where other methods like soil treatments cannot be used like near water bodies or where other treatments have failed. Baiting a colony of termites, is one of the simplest and effective methods of controlling termites.

Liquid Termiticides


Liquid termiticides treatments are helpful in preventing termites from your structure. They are also designed to prevent termites that are inside your structure from getting moisture from the soil. Most people choose these methods because it gives faster results. Drilling should be done before applying liquid termiticides to teach termites in areas where homeowners have existing termite infestations.



With this method, non-repellant insecticides like Termidor SC and Taurus SC are used to eliminate termites. Non-repellant insecticides are undetectable by pests, making it difficult for termites to avoid, taste, see, or smell them. Repellant termiticides are also used to prevent pests from gaining entry into a building.

Wood Treatment

Some pest control firms use different types of wood treatment methods to kill existing termite colonies. Some of the standard wood treatments include borate treated wood, injected foams and sprays, and surface sprays. Borate wood treatments are effective in eliminating existing termites and preventing termite infestation in homes.